Mini Head Knife


A small round dry scraper that fits in the palm of the hand.  This is an English style blade called a Head Knife. The symbol of the Head Knife  became synonymous with hide tanners and leather workers, and its symbol was the emblem of leather guilds.   It is still used by many European hide tanners in their branding and logos.  Similar to the Italian Mezzaluna and the Athabaskan Ulu*, this has a distinct handle and is smaller in size, but the same principles apply.

The handle sits atop the single-bevelled steel blade and the knife can be handled one-handed or grasped with both hands, as you scrape downwards away from the bevelled edge on a hide.

Tool made by Hammarede Blacksmith in Sweden.

Measures 4″ x 6″

*If you are looking for an Ulu, there are many Aleut, Inuit, and Dene Nation makers who sell on Etsy or through their local Cultural Centre, which often have online shops.


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