Online Hide Tanning Consultation


An Online Hide Tanning Consultations is a 1:1 conversation on everything you are wondering about hide tanning.

Sessions are 75-90 minutes long via a phone call or Zoom video.  Sit back, sip some tea, and let’s talk hide tanning.

Offered on a sliding scale.  See details below.




Whether you’re jumping into a new skill on your own or need help troubleshooting a pesky problem, the floor is yours to ask questions and delve deep into the craft with me.

Each session comes with a package of PDF notes and an invitation to a Crowsnest Wildcraft alumni Facebook group, for continued community support.

To register: After purchasing this session, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal and another email from me to connect and set the date and time of our session.  I will ask you for a brief description of your current hide tanning project and questions so we can get right into it.

Cost: Hide tanning consultations are on a sliding scale basis: you choose what you pay.  Simply name your price at checkout. Indigenous learners are welcome to choose $0.