Online Hide Tanning Mentorship

An Online Hide Tanning Mentorship is 1:1 extended instruction to help guide you through a hide tanning project.

A series of Zoom calls in the morning before each work day.  We tailour the mentorship to your needs as you get walked + cheerleaded through the process.

See details below.



The Online Mentorship is for day-to-day guidance in a specific hide tanning project.  It consists of 3-5 Zoom calls in which we cover the process and method you will use to tan your hide; then each day before you get to work, we meet for a call in the morning to go over the day’s steps and do a review of the previous day.  I am available throughout the day by text for troubleshooting and assistance.

What you get:

  • Up to six hours of live instruction, as needed
  • Responsive troubleshooting by text message each day
  • A downloadable package of PDFs on the method of your choice
  • Invitation to a private alumni Facebook group for continued community support

To register: After purchasing this session, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal and another email from me to connect and set the date and time of our session.  I will ask you for a brief description of your current hide tanning needs and queries so we can get right into it when in session.

To select payment option: The Online Hide Tanning Mentorship is offered on a sliding scale basis.  You may choose what best reflects your budget in this moment.  Indigenous people are welcome to choose $0.