Rawhide Making, July 24 + 25; Saanich, BC


Rawhide Making is a welcoming introduction to hide tanning methods and practice.

To make rawhide, we move through the first 3 steps of other hide tanning practices, but stop short of fully tanning a hide.  Instead, we create a stiff canvas-like material that can be used for art and craft projects.

This is a gentle and low-time-commitment course that is a ton of fun, plus it provides all the basics of a foundation in hide tanning.

The rawhide you create can become a drum, painting canvas, bark-tanned leather ~ any art of your choice!  Hides are provided by the course and you take home your creation at the end.

Dates: Saturday, July 24 and Sunday, July 25, 2021

Cost: $285 per person (includes your take-home rawhide)

Location: Patricia Bay Healing Centre, Tseycum, BC.

Members of the Tseycum community are welcome to join for free.  Email hello@fernandroe.com.

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Simply put, rawhide is a dried hide. There is more to this story, though. Skin acts like a textile once it has been dried, so Rawhide goes on to become art, crafts, shoes, bags, and more.  It can be shaped when wet or dried flat and then cut to form. Rawhide is the hidden technology behind many materials now made from plastic and metal.  It is the origin story of objects from water containers to horse bridles to windows. Most famously, it is the material placed on drum heads to give them their deep and expansive resonance. It is also used by jewellery artists and by painters as a natural canvas.

Deer skins used in this course are sourced ethically and caringly from discard sites during hunting season.  Hides are prepped in  gentle alkaline bucking solution prior to the course, a Scottish (and many other cultures) technique of preparing animal hides.

This course is available to anyone wishing to take their first step into hide tanning, and for artists and craftspeople who want to construct the media behind their art.  All deer skins are provided by the course and each person works one hide, which you then take home at the end as your new handmade rawhide textile.  This material can then be used for craft, canvas, and drum making.


Saturday, July 24: Wet-scraping + framing

Sunday, July 25: Dry-scraping + polishing

10:00am sharp to 2:00 +/- each day

Once you sign up, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.  A welcome email from Fern + Roe will be sent a week prior to the course.  This will contain a link to Covid-19 screening + the address and directions to the studio.

Please bring your own snacks, drinks, and an outdoor chair. Prepare for full days in the elements, likely in sunny and hot weather.