Handmade textiles – and the skills to create them – are foundational crafts.  From the care of wild and domestic animals to the process of turning hide into fabric, hide tanning has created community and shaped humanity.

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Fern + Roe offers natural hide tanning education, in care for the personal journey that this learning brings.

With a commitment to cultural integrity, hide tanning is taught in an environment of curiosity, play, and respect between humans and the more-than-human world.

We host public, multi-day courses several times a month, seasonally + craft tailoured education for schools, community organizations, and personalized mentorship.

Handmade textiles, sheepskin rugs, and at-home natural tanning tools and supplies are available for purchase in the online shop.


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Personal Mentorships And Apprenticeships

Personal Mentorships And Apprenticeships

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